How to Break into the Fashion Industry

Unconventional strategies to stand out and get your dream fashion job or internship quickly!


"Brilliant course. Eye-opening. It gave me new inspiration and a different perspective on the fashion industry. It’s the perfect starters course, teaching you how to stand out and excel in such a competitive community. The insider tips from career to personal branding will help you get the job of your dreams."

- Lizy B. Break into the fashion industry Student from Toronto

"The course has been very helpful for me with all its information and tools. I enjoyed every module and Giada explains it in a very clear and professional way. I consider it is definitely worth it to get the course since there are useful and key information for anyone that desires to start a career in the fashion industry, as it includes strategies and some points that not everyone reveal and that are very important for the moment you decide to apply for a job.

I was about to give up my job search in the fashion industry until I found this course and now I cannot wait to start applying again with all the strategies I have learned.

Thank you, Giada!"

- Fiorella U. Break into the fashion industry Student from London

Getting a job in fashion is not like getting a job in any other industry

If you are struggling to get a job in fashion

  • It's NOT because you didn't attend a fashion school
  • It's NOT because you don't have experience in the field
  • It's NOT because you don't know the right people

In 90% of the cases, people can't get a job in fashion because they use wrong application strategies.


Step by Step implementation strategies and templates

It's finally time to get your fashion job/internship!

With this course you’ll learn every secret on how to turn an application into a success, getting a step ahead of the competition and get your dream job or internship quickly.

The fashion industry’s secrets, exclusivity and competition, make the process of entering it hard, stressful and challenging. The aim of this course is to making it quick and easy. You'll get all the tools to get your first job or internship in fashion and master your networking and personal branding skills.

The course guarantees its attendees a smooth and fast entrance into the working world of fashion.

You'll be able to start using new unconventional strategies right away from day 1 and see immediate results!

Successful Stories

"I started getting responses immediately after implementing the strategies and using the templates. I've been going to job interviews at least twice a week!"

"You hit the jackpot when the recruiter is impressed by your strategy!"

Abby, Student of Break into the Fashion Industry

"During these crazy times it is sometimes challenging to be inspired and continue to motivate yourself. For me, Glam Observer is one of those tools that inspire you to continue to improve yourself. It inspired me to start a new instagram channel (visionofeve) and practice what I preach within the marketing industry by becoming a freelancer. Giada's tips are detailed and very useful that you can apply immediately and see the change. Lastly I have met so many interesting people through the Glam Observer community and this only motivates me more to find a job in fashion! "

- Eveline Slaats, Student of Break into the Fashion Industry

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March 2020: Giada enters the Forbes under 30 list in the Education category for the things she teaches about getting a job in fashion and her support over the years that helped many getting jobs at companies such as Dior, Valentino, Prada...

You can't have time back! And you can't waste job opportunities!

Learn now the exact system you need to get a job or internship in fashion.

This is the first and only course that teaches you the strategies and gives you all the tools to get a job in fashion quickly!

The course is very actionable (rather than theory/opinion/fluff). It’s 3-4 hours of content that you could watch in one weekend.

And it is based on a system. It’s literally like, “do all this stuff and you’ll see results.” I tell you what to do and in what order.


This course is for you if:

  • You are tired of applying for fashion jobs and/or fashion internships and not getting results
  • You want to get your first job in fashion and don’t know where to start from
  • You want to start immediately in the fashion industry, you look forward to work at your favorite brands
  • You want to know how to build your network in fashion from scratch and how to leverage your connections to get a job
  • You want to stand out from the competition and learn new strategies to get a job in fashion QUICKLY
  • You want to know exactly how to approach people and companies to get a job and what to say to them
  • You want to know what to write in your CV and Cover Letter and the keywords to add for each fashion job
  • You want to know what to post on social media (Instagram and LinkedIn) to attract recruiters
  • You want to get your first fashion internship abroad
  • You want to get a job as a Stylist, PR, Buyer, Marketing, Merchandising, Editor, E-commerce...
  • You want to know what are the skills required for each fashion career
  • You want to learn how to use LinkedIn for your career in fashion
  • You want to see how other fashion professionals have built a successful portfolio
  • You want to know what companies will ask you during a job interview and what to answer
  • You want to understand what are the different career options in fashion and what fashion job is made for you
  • You want to know exactly step-by-step what to do to get a job in fashion with no struggle

What you'll learn:

MODULE 1: An overview of the Fashion industry and its Career Possibilities

We will see together what are the different career options in fashion, the skills required for each career, what to study and how to get your first job for each career options.

MODULE 2: You Decided You Want to Work in Fashion, now what?

Understanding what is the right job/department for you is the first step for a successful application. If you apply for the wrong job, you'll fail. In this module you'll understand what fashion job is made for you with a practical exercise and how to match the requirements of fashion jobs with your skills.

You'll also learn where to find the best Fashion Jobs/Internships, how to use LinkedIn to find a Job in Fashion and research Fashion Professionals to contact them.

You'll learn where and how to find the emails of everyone working in fashion (recruiters, stylists, editors...) PLUS you'll be able to download the EMAIL TEMPLATE so you know exactly what to email.

You'll also get a list of 100+ fashion professionals to follow (stylists, editors, fashion professionals...)

MODULE 3: The Fashion Job Application Tools

Writing an outstanding CV and a perfect Cover Letter is the first step to getting a job in fashion. You'll learn step-by-step how to create the perfect CV and Cover letter specific for the fashion industry AND how to fit them to each fashion job you apply!

In this module you'll also learn 1+4 unconventional ways to apply for a fashion job and how to follow up after a job application and a job interview (+ FOLLOW UP EMAIL TEMPLATES INCLUDED)

MODULE 4: Fashion Internships

Fashion Internships represent the entry-ticket to the fashion industry. In this module you'll learn what to do before, during and after your fashion internship, what are the different fashion internship opportunities, what are the fashion internships that will lead you to a job, unpaid internships and interning in a fashion capital.

MODULE 5: How to Build your Network in Fashion from scratch

Networking is crucial for your career in fashion. Most of the jobs are assigned through word-of-mouth so the more people you know, the more career opportunities you'll have not only at the beginning of your career but also later, when you want to change job or company.

With this module the word "networking" will no longer scares you. You'll become a master of networking both online and offline.

MODULE 6: How to ace a Job Interview with a Fashion Company

The job interview is the fundamental step of an application and knowing what to do, how to prepare and how to behave during the interview is what makes the difference and get you the job.

I interviewed many people working in fashion, luxury and beauty and recruiters to ask about interview experiences and I collected all the tips in this e-book guide. Learn all the secrets on how to prepare and behave at all the interview steps: phone interview, Skype interview, in-person interview, the skill test. Discover in advance what are the most common questions and practice your answers, plus there is an extra tip from BURBERRY’s Talent Acquisition Manager

MODULE 7: How to build your Personal Branding Online

If you don't have a personal brand online, you're missing job opportunities. Fashion recruiters nowadays check your online presence when they receive your application but also to find the perfect candidate to hire. So you want to make sure that all your social profiles (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn) and your online portfolio are on point to get the job! In this module you'll also see 6 case studies of fashion professionals who excel at personal branding.



Registering for How to Break into the Fashion Industry will not only give you access to all 7 modules, with video tutorials, exercises, tests, an ebook but you'll also get these 5 exclusive bonuses valued 1000€, for free. Including...

1. Access to the Private Facebook group

to network with the members, get special industry reports, attend LIVE Q&A session and more

(€300 Value)


ready to use with Microsoft Word and approved by fashion companies to build your best CV ever in 10 minutes!

(€30 Value)

3. Email templates

You need to use unconventional strategies to stand out from all the others and emailing directly people and companies to get a job is one of the most effective way to get a job in fashion. With these email templates you don't have to worry about what to write in your emails. There is a template for everything:

Cold emails, follow up emails, reach out to the recruiters, self-application emails...)

(€250 Value)

4. 3 Cover Letter Examples

specific for the fashion industry to use as guides to write yours

(€170 Value)

5. A List of Fashion Professionals

to start following and interacting with on Instagram and LinkedIn

(€250 Value)

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Recognized by Vogue Italia and Dior Professionals

"If you seek a career in fashion, Glam Observer is the best platform to quickly understand the codes of the industry. It’s a real career partner, empowering young ambitious talents during each steps of their professional journey. Giada is doing an amazing work, by building a strong community of passionate people, aiming to become the leaders of tomorrow."

- Patricia Dia, Brand Content & Event Communication at Christian Dior Couture

"Glam Observer is one of the rarest platforms that allows you to get practical help in researching and developing an international career in fashion, thanks also to the contribution of the community and the network created by other users."

- Serena Castrignano, Vogue Italia Talents Editor

Your Instructor

Giada Graziano
Giada Graziano

Giada lives in Milan and is the founder and CEO of Glam Observer, the fashion career advice platform she founded six years ago to help those who want to start a career in fashion.

She is a fashion career coach, bestselling author, speaker, podcaster, consultant and online educator.

In 2020 Giada was named in the Forbes Under 30 list in the Education section for the support she provides to those who want to start a career in fashion

Before starting Glam Observer, Giada studied Luxury and Fashion Management in Milan, attended courses of the FIT and Parsons and worked in fashion e-commerce for Yoox Net A Porter, Kering and Alexander McQueen.

Giada has already helped many girls to get their dream job in fashion at companies such as Dior, Valentino, Prada... through her advice and consultations and now has collected all her knowledge and expertise into this course to help even more people.

Giada has been featured on Marie Claire, interviewed by Elle and listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 Education Category

Real results from real people

"I read the ebook guide the night before the interview and now I'm interning for LVMH in Digital Marketing!"

Kea K. Intern at LVMH

"I've been trying to get an internship for over 3 months, then I've found this and I couldn't believe it but I learned how to structure my application process and learned other things I didn't consider like the social presence or networking, and I got my internship in 8 DAYS! I'll be forever grateful"


I started as Digital Intern at British Vogue in July, two weeks after I finished this online course! It's fantastic!


"I've wasted so much time and I was about to give up, then Giada helped me with the CV and the application process. I intern at my dream company now!"

Intern at Elle

" After almost a year that I've been trying I finally got an internship at Dior. Your tips were very useful so I wanted to thank you for that. You taught me to push the limits. I'm very grateful"

Maite A. Intern at Dior

You'll get a certification to add to your CV and LinkedIn profile which employers will recognize as a sign of an interested, motivated and ambitious applicant.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. The course is 3-4 hours so you can take it in one weekend or study 30 minutes for 6 days ;)
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
I haven't studied fashion. Is this course good for me?
Absolutely. In the first module, we will see together an overview of the fashion industry and what are the different career options, the skills required for each, what to study and how to get your first job in PR, marketing, as an editor, stylist... So it's a great opportunity also to learn how the fashion industry works ;)
I have zero experience in fashion. Will this course help me?
Of course! Fashion internships are the first option for those who don't have experience in fashion. There is an entire module on fashion internships and how to get your first one! Hannah, my first student, got her first internship at a prestigious company with no previous experience in the industry, thanks to this course! How does this sound ;) ?
I live in France/Italy/Spain/US/UK... Will this course help me too?
The strategies of How to break into the fashion industry are international. You can apply them in any city you are to get a job wherever you want. Do you live in Italy and want to work in London? Do you live in Spain and want to work in Paris? Are you from New York and want to work in New York? You don't you live in a fashion capital and want to stay at home and work in fashion anyway? The course is for everyone :)
I attended a fashion school. I'm afraid that the lessons of the course are similar to the lessons of the fashion school I took.
Well, obviously I don't know which school or fashion course you attended so I don't know the lessons you took. But I can tell you from my experience (I have a master in fashion) and from the opinions of the students (some students of this online course studied at Istituto Marangoni, Central Saint Martins, Condè Nast College of Fashion, Polimoda) and they all confirmed is a completely different approach. In this course, I do not teach you the styling or design techniques or how to write a fashion article. How to break into the fashion industry is focused on getting a job for every career option you choose. It gives you the practical tools you need to get into the working world of fashion. Consider How to break into the fashion industry as a complementary course to the lessons you took at your fashion school.
I did two internships in fashion, but now I cannot find a new job. Is this course for me?
This course is for those who are struggling with getting a job in fashion. Whatever is your previous situation :) If you don't have a fashion job yet, it doesn't mean the fashion industry is not made for you, you're just doing something wrong when applying. With this course you'll get all the tools and learn all the strategies and industry secrets to get in fashion quickly

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